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China is forever linked to its ancient civilization, friendly people, and many of the world's most revered treasures, such as The Great Wall, Terra-Cotta Warriors & Horses and the Yangtze River. Today, one can also find spectacular architecture and towering skylines in Shanghai and Beijing, a wealth of luxury accommodations - and as always - exquisite cuisine.

Come and see why China is drawing millions of visitors from all over the world. And, why each and everyone of them returns home smiling.

Place of Interest :
The tourist spots in China are, The Great Wall, Forbidden City, The Ming Tombs and etc.,

  Tours :
Day 01 : Arrival
Day 02 : XI'AN
Day 03 : Departure
  Photo Gallery :

Place of Interest

Beijing: The capital city has the following tourist attractions.

The Great Wall : A symbol of the ancient Chinese civilization. Stretching 3,950 miles, The Great Wall was built as a defensive structure. It is listed in the United Nation's Education, Science and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO) World Heritage List in 1987. The best preserved and most imposing section of the wall is at Badaling, 50 miles north of Beijing and over 2,625 feet above sea level, but the magnitude and beauty of the wall can also be seen at Jinshanling, Mutianyu, and Simatai.

Forbidden City :The Forbidden City is also known as the Palace Museum. It is the largest and most well preserved imperial residence in China today. Located in the center of Beijing, The Forbidden City was built between 1406 and 1420 under Ming Emperor Yongle, and served as the imperial palace for the Ming and Qing dynasties. Ming Emperor Zhudi was the first emperor to live there. It is 3,150 feet long from north to south and 2,460 feet wide from east to west. It has 9,900 rooms and halls containing many precious relics. A 170-foot wide moat encircles the Forbidden City along with 32-foot high walls. The word "forbidden" is quite literal, as the imperial palace was heavily guarded and off-limits to ordinary people. As the residence for emperors and their families, most of the walls of the imperial palace were painted red and roofs were covered with yellow glazed tiles. The red and yellow combination forms a strong color contrast, representing the absolute authority, supremacy, and richness of feudal emperors. In 1987, UNESCO also listed the Forbidden City in the World Heritage List. It is the largest palace in the world.

The Ming Tombs : The Ming Dynasty lasted from 1368 to 1644. The Ming Tombs are a group of mausoleums of 13 Ming emperors, their empresses and their concubines. The tombs are located about 31 miles north of Beijing and are scattered across an area of 25 square miles. Two of the tombs, Changling and the most famous, Dingling, an underground palace, are open to the public.

Tian'anmen Square : Tian'anmen was built in 1417 and renovated in 1981; it was the symbol of New China. On October 1, 1949, Chairman Mao at Tian'anmen Square proclaimed the founding of the People's Republic of China. Located in the center of Beijing, it is the largest city square in the world. It covers an area of 122 acres and is big enough to hold a half million people. Tian'anmen (the Gate of Heavenly Peace) was the front gateway to the imperial palace in the Ming and Qing dynasties. A picture of Tian'anmen is at the center of the Chinese national emblem.

Guangzhou : The capital of Guangdong Province, Set along the coast of the South China Sea it is a city famous for its history. Guangzhou has a humid climate, flowers bloom there all year round and it is therefore also know as the "City of Flowers." There are as many as 150 historical sites in addition to the many modern facilities for recreation in Guangzhou. The city is also famous for embroidery, local opera, and food.




Day 01 :Upon arrival in Xi'an, meet and greet. Transfer to hotel for check-in. Free at your own leisure.

Day 02 :After breakfast proceed visit the majestic Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses Museum, the well-known museum is Located east of Emperor Qin's Mausoleum, which covers a total area of 20 hectares. Then go on to visit The Banpo Museum, which is located in the east of Xi'an and is the site of a village that dates back around 6,000years to the Neolithic era. Enjoy the Tang Dynasty Culture Show in the evening.

Day 03 :After breakfast, visit the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, situated in the Da Ci'en Temple, is one of the famous Buddhist pagodas in China about 4km from the urban center. Then go visit The City Wall, one of the largest and most complete ancient military systems of defense in the world. Transfer to airport for departure flight.

Tour Price Starts From Rs.7900 Onwards



Day 01 :Upon arrival in Beijing, meet and greet. Proceed to Tian An Men Square and Forbidden City. After Dinner, transfer to hotel for check-in.

Day 02 :After breakfast in hotel proceed for Full Day Tour to the Great Wall and Ming Tomb with Lunch.Later proceed to Wang Fu Jing Street for your shopping spree. Dinner and return to hotel.

Day 03 :After Breakfast in hotel. Full Day Tour to Temple of Heaven, Trishaw Tour of Hutong and Summer Palace. Drive past Olympic Village and proceed to Tian Long Yuen Hot Spring Resort to watch performance.

Day 04 :After breakfast in hotel. Visit Yue Xiu Shopping Centre for shopping. Free until transfer to Airport for departure.

Tour Price Starts From Rs.12900 Onwards

Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou & Nanxun's


Day 01 :Arrival Shanghai, transfer to hotel. The rest of the day is free.

Day 02 :Morning after breakfast we will visit town god's temple, tremendous Oriental Pearl TV Tower (no entrance). After lunch proceed for a tour around Huangpu River via ship. Later free to explore the remarkable Nanjing Road Walk-Street then proceed to Suzhou named as Oriental Venice. Return to hotel after dinner.c

Day 03 :After breakfast visit Hanshan Temple. Tour around large canal and Shantang Street. After lunch proceed to Hangzhou, enjoying south beauty on the way. After dinner return to hotel for stay.

Day 04 :After breakfast visit the most famous sight--Viewing Fish At Flower Harbor, then sailing in West Lake. After lunch visit Flying Hill, Lingyin Temple. Return to Pudong Airport.

Tour Price Starts From Rs.16900 Onwards



Day 01 :On arrival at the airport you will be received and transferred to the hotel. The day is free on your own. Overnight at hotel.

Day 02 :After breakfast proceed for a tour of Shangai city. Overnight at hotel.

Day 03 :After breakfast the morning is free to explore the city on your own. Afternoon check out of the hotel and proceed to airport.

Tour Price Starts From Rs.5900 Onwards



Day 01 :On arrival at the airport you will be received and transferred to the hotel. The day is free. Overnight at hotel.

Day 02 :After breakfast proceed for a tour of Seaworld with entrance ticket. Overnight at hotel.

Day 03 :After breakfast proceed to Movieworld with entrance ticket. Overrnight at hotel.

Day 04 :After breakfast check out of the hotel and proceed to airport.

Tour Price Starts From Rs.20900 Onwards

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