Jehan Numa is an Urdu word which means View of the World. A 19th century Palace, Jehan Numa nestled on the slopes of Shamla Hill is set in five acres of lush green lawns and splashes of colorful bougainvillea, The Palace is a superb example of a medley of British Colonial, Italian Renaissance and Classical Greek Architecture. The gleaming white fa├žade has boldness and simplicity of style that is striking and exudes an air of time-less graciousness.

The Palace was built during the rule of Sultan Jehan Begum by her second son General Obaidullah Khan, Commander-in-Chief of the erstwhile Bhopal state Force. After the death of the General, the Palace went through many occupational adjustments. Finally the grandsons of General Obaidullah Khan, Nadir and Yawar Rashid planned to convert the Palace into a World Class Hotel. This became a reality only in the month of September 1983.

It was in the year 2000 the Palace was classified as a Heritage Grand Hotel to be the first of its kind in Central India. Luxurious rooms and all amenities befitting a hotel of its stature in India, the Palace now has 98 rooms.

In the finest tradition of Bhopali hospitality, Jehan Numa Palace offers its guests a taste of royal living, luxury and extravagance that was once the sole preserve of Nawabs. It's elegantly appointed rooms, stoned corridors and lush green gardens landscaped with terracotta urns echo with history and tales of the past.

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