A Holiday in Martam village resort is an unique experience. Situated in the breathtaking and tranquil countryside of East Sikkim, in the foothills of the Himalayas, the resort overlooks a beautiful valley of rich terraced paddy fields, bounded by forest covered hills.

The resort is set in the tranquil surroundings of the village. It is a mainly paddy growing village and this is clearly seen by the numerous terraced fields cultivated by the villagers. The village itself consists of scattered clumps of inhabited areas made up of the three ethnic communities of Sikkim i.e Lepcha, Bhutia and Nepalese. The resort overlooks a wide valley of terraced fields and is bounded by rich forest covered hills, which form a part of the Phambongla Wild Life Sanctuary.

This is the perfect location for visitors who love nature or adventure and for those seeking peace and relaxation. Guests may enjoy a short trek to the top of the hills to see the rich and unique Himalayan flora and fauna or enjoy the fabled Sikkimese hospitality among the villagers. Accommodation is in 14 thatched cottages built in traditional style to blend with the surrounding village. The cottages have twin bedded rooms with large picture windows framing the spectacular countryside. Each room has attached bath with modern facilities.

Great care has been taken to blend the resort into the village, to maintain the ethnic style and culture of the area. To remain rustic, yet, provide for a pleasant and comfortable stay.

At the attractive and cozy dining hall and bar, local food and drinks are served. The guests are offered the opportunity to taste the forest produce such as nettles, ferns, bamboo shoots, mushrooms etc. (seasonal), which are gathered by the local people, fresh from the forest, combined with the locally grown rice. The local drink ‘chang' is also served in freshly cut bamboos. Besides this, Indian, Chinese, Continental cuisine is also on the menu.

The staff, at the resort are, all from the village. Prior to working at the resort they had little or no experience in working at a hotel. However their genuine and natural attitude to always help and be of service to others combined with the culture of hospitality towards outsiders inbuilt in the Sikkimese in general has gone a long way in keeping our guests happy and comfortable during their stay with us. The resort has also provided an alternate form of employment, direct and indirect for the people of the village.

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