Taking the family abroad isn't always easy, particularly if you would like to broaden their horizons and show them something completely different. Whilst concerns over safety, privacy and the quality of food in a developing nation might be over weighed by the diversity of experiences and the benefit of their continuing education, it is always comforting to know the places you are staying at are used to having younger guests to stay.

A vacation staying as guests in private homes and secluded villas, learn to cook traditional Kerala dishes with farm fresh ingredients, float effortlessly through the canals and waterways of the Backwaters, watch fishermen landing the days catch through the surf breaking on a golden beach, explore cardamom plantations high up in the Western Ghats and discover a way of life that embraces a tranquil and peaceful ideal. A homestay is an opportunity for individuals and families to learn about a culture, language and customs different from their own.

After the homestay holiday there remains an understanding of another's culture and customs. With this awareness comes an increased tolerance of the differences between peoples and a heightened appreciation of the similarities. Ultimately, the lasting friendships that are formed are perhaps the most valuable part of the experience.

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