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Situated close to the small town of Padalam in Kanchipuram district, Vedanthangal is the oldest water sanctuary in India. The place was granted legal protection in 1798 and recognised as a sanctuary in 1936. Further in 1962, the Madras Forest Act accorded it the status of a reserve and was upgraded to a wildlife sanctuary in 1972 by the Wildlife Protection Act. The sanctuary is close to both Kanchipuram and Mahabalipuram, both of which make a good evening getaway.

The place is a paradise for people looking to experience the countryside added with a dose of excitement of wildlife. The place also makes a good spot for a lazy evening stroll. Wildlife Attractions in Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary : As you enter the gates of the sanctuary, the sight of numerous trees flocked by birds busy in their chirping and chatting catches your attention. The migratory birds as if packing their luggage before flying off to their permanent habitats thousands of miles away. The birds here are accustomed to the visitors and are not afraid to venture quite close to them.

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